Project 9 Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections/Time spent: 2 hours spent on completely changing my imaging project to a different image. I selected the stop sign and slightly desaturated it, and adjusted the brightness on the fields. I also changed my business cards, and my letterhead. Kept the same colors but different design set up.






Top 3 things learned in this course:
1) How to properly use layers and how they benefit by naming each one
2)How to use masks in photoshop
3)How to use Word to design an advertisement

Future application of Visual Media: My future job is to work in Advertising, so Visual Media has really given me a great introduction to Advertising and how to use different programs to design. I would also like to have my own cupcake company one day and I can use the skills I have learned in Visual Media to design my own advertisements and business cards. And lastly, I will use my visual media skills to design my own wedding invitations.
Programs/Tools Used: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
Font #1 Name & Category:Ostrich Sans Inline-Decorative
Font #2 Name & Category:Champagne and Limousines-Sans-Serif
Thumbnails of Images used:

Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):


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