Project 8 Brochure



Inside when you open the front page

inside panel


inside for brochure


back of  brochure


Description: A Brochure created for a made up company

Process: I first started off by deciding what company i wanted to do for my brochure. Since i had already made a few logos for a cupcake company, i decided to continue with this idea. I stuck with the same colors of brown in pink as in my logo for my brochure. I chose my background color of brown for the outside, and pink for the inside. I first created the front of my brochure. I made the little lace trim by using the pen tool. I wanted to create something simple but still attractive. I then moved on to my inside panel where i decided to add 3 pictures of cupcakes. I tried to use interesting font choices to give the brochure some more interest. I then had to use photoshop to remove the background on images to add into my brochure and create a text wrap. I added in the lace trim inside my brochure aswell, but reversed the colors.

Top 3 things learned:
1) How to text wrap an image
2)How to add a bleed to my brochure
3)How to take the background out of an image
Program(s) / Tools used:InDesign,Photoshop for removing image backgrounds
Title Font Name & Category:Peach Sundress-Script
Copy Font Name & Category: Champagne and Limousines-sans serif
Word Count:298
Thumbnails of Images used:

Sources (Links to images on orginal websites)


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