Business Card (8.5×11 layout):

Business Card (Large layout):


Description: Create a letterhead and Business Cards for a company i made up.

Process: First I had to create a cupcake for my new logo. So once i had one cupcake I copied and pasted it another two times and changed the color of the wrapper and the frosting. Once i had 3 different cupcakes i designed the background of the business card. I decided to use pink and add light colored strips to make it fun. For my letter head, i used the same colors as my business card and added my logo.
Top 3 things learned:
1) How to create objects by using the pen tool
2)How to use the eye dropper tool
3)How to brand a company by using Indesign
Programs/Tools Used:Adobe Indesign
Logo – Font #1 Name & Category:American Typewriter, serif
Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:American Typewriter,-serif
Stationery – Font #1 Name & Category:American Typewriter-Regular Condensed-serif
Stationery – Font #2 Name & Category:American Typewriter-Regular-serif

How the logo represents the company: Midori’s cupcakes is a small modern cupcake shop. I think that my business card represents the company very well because its fun and girly. 


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