Project 5 Logos


Description: I designed 3 different logo’s for a company I made up.

Process: The first thing I had to decide was what did I want to make a logo for. So i decided on making a logo for a cupcake shop. And I’ve always wanted to own my own, so for fun I designed some for myself. For the first logo, I made the whole logo a cupcake. I had to use the pen tool to create the cupcake, and then select certain parts of it to change the color. To add the sprinkles I used the pen tool again, making thicker small lines in different colors. The cherry was a circle, and a curved line. Once i had the cupcake down, i just needed to add font. My second and third logo’s are pretty simple. I repeated the cupcake in both. The second logo was just font with the cupcake on the side, and the third was a shape logo where i used a circle with a border and added the font and cupcake.

Top 3 things learned:
1) How to create images using the pen tool
2)I learned how to add text to objects
3)I learned how to use the direct select tool, and use anchor points
Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustator
Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Lobster 3.1- script
Top Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:Bebas Neue-sans serif
Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category:Biko-Sans serif
Middle Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:soymilk-Script
Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: AdamGorry-Lights-decorative
Bottom Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: Champagne & Limousines-Sans serif
How the logo represents the company: Whenever i think of a cupcake shop, i think of fun colors and designs. So i tried to incorporate those elements into my logos. Midori’s Cupcakes is a very modern, fun cupcake shop. I used colors that would stand out to people and tried to make them different! And since its a cupcake shop, I had to add a cupcake into my logos for a good visual.

Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 3/12;

Middle Logo = 6/12;

Bottom Logo =3/12;

My favorite logo was the middle logo because i like how simple it is. I like the contrast in fonts i used, and the different colors. The cupcake is a simple touch that brings it all together.


2 thoughts on “Project 5 Logos

  1. The middle Logo is by far my favorite. Do you really want/have a cupcake business or was this just something fun to do a logo for? Because I love how your name fits 🙂 The Middle and the bottom logos could even go together because they are similar in style it would just depend on where you are putting the logo.

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