Project 4 Montage


Description: Inspirational Montage! Christmas themed

Process: First i decided on the theme I wanted to do for my montage. I was in the Christmas spirit last week! So once i decided on the Christmas theme, I chose 3 different images from the internet and placed them into a folder. I used the Christmas tree as the background for my montage. I then placed the image of the Christmas presents in the left hand corner and used the brush tool to blend the two images together. I also decreased the opacity a bit. I then took the photo of the bokeh Christmas lights, and stretched it over my entire image. I then used my brush tool once again to blend it in with the entire image. Finally, i added a Christmas quote. I tried to add contrast between the size of the word “Believe” and the rest of the quote. As for my filter, i went to the filter galley and chose a texturized filter that gave my image a canvas type look.

Top 3 things learned:
1)I learned how to blend images together using the brush tool and adding a mask.
2)I learned how to add different layers to Photoshop, and that they are essential when using photoshop
3)I learned how to add text to my montage and play around with the sizes
Programs/Tools Used: Photoshop
Font #1 Name & Category: Palace Scipt MT-Script
Font #2 Name & Category: Chapparal Pro Light-Slab Serif

Thumbnails of Images Used…




Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):





3 thoughts on “Project 4 Montage

  1. I really like this! I can’t even tell that you combined images. I LOVE the transition it looks like a real christmas card. The pictures work really well together. I like the the sparkly lights especially.

  2. I like how the bow and present both blend through each other. The lights shining through the presents and the background and the title make it look happy and bright. It’s cool how the light can be seen a little through the Christmas tree too. Great job.

  3. Excellent size contrast in the typography. I’ve noticed a lot of projects from our class are too conservative with their contrast. I really like the 2nd image you chose. It adds a great deal, but is subtle so it doesn’t take away from other parts of the montage. The texture filter you used is subtle too, so it doesn’t scream ‘photoshop.’ Well done!

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