Project 3: Imaging

8.5 x 11 Project


8.5×11 project:
Description: I took a photograph outdoors near the Spori building of BYU Idaho. I then had to resize and edit it in photoshop.
Process: I first took my photo and resized and cropped it to 6×6. After i took the quick selection and lasso tool to select the part of my image that i wanted to keep in color. Once i had the part of the image i wanted, i made a new layer. This aloud me to desaturate the background without effecting the part of the image i wanted in color. Once i desaturated the background, i also desaturated the part of my flower a bit so the color didn’t stand out so much. I then adjusted the brightness of the background.
Top 3 things learned:
1) I learned how to use the Lasso tool to select a certain part of the image
2)I learned how to desaturate a part of my image
3)I learned how to size and crop my image in photoshop
Programs/Tools Used: Canon PowerShot Camera and Photoshop6x6 Edited/cropped


Original-Unedited, Un-cropped



4 thoughts on “Project 3: Imaging

  1. Midori, I love your original photo. The light, the bokeh, the color, the contrast, the vibrance. Too bad we were required to desaturate. I think I’d scale the effect back and bring some of the vibrance back in. Nice job on the composition.

  2. I really like this! I think how you still left green from the flower in the picture was a great choice! The placement and the contrast of colors works really well and makes it a very attractive photo.

  3. Your original image is gorgeous! I love the the blurry background, it shows great photography skills. I really like how in your edit the background is soft, like the black and white isnt too harsh. Overall, I like how soft the image looks with the bright pop of color, looks great!

  4. I agree with brother Judkins. I love your original image so much it is almost sad to desaturate the brilliant colors, The composition in your image is very strong and bold which definitely makes your image stand out and interesting to look at. I think would add even more interest with another filter, something that adds a texture. I found it interesting (and it could just be my eyes) that there seems to be a slight blur in your original image with you main flowers but then as you edited the image it becomes very clean and crisp, so props to you that is hard to do!

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