Project 2 Event Ad




  • Description: Color Ad for a Senior Citizens Bake Sale
  •  Process: I first scanned the photo i found in a magazine and saved it onto my flash drive. For the process of creating the flier, I wanted the picture i scanned to really stand out, so i enlarged it and make it use up the most space on my  flier to attract peoples attention. I then wanted to use the same colors as the cookies for fonts and boxes, so it could  have repetition and flow. 
  • Top 3 things learned:
  • 1) I learned that white space is important for the people who are viewing your flier
  • 2) I learned that repetition,especially in a color flier brings it all together
  • 3)I learned that Contrast will attract the audiences attention to your flier
  • Program(s) / Tools used: Word
  • Font #1 Name & Category:Chapara Pro Light-Script
  • Font #2 Name & Category: Goudy old style-Sans Serif
  • Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes: Original Image- Size:1150 x 1223 , Better Homes Magazine

One thought on “Project 2 Event Ad

  1. I love how big and bold your image is and the repetition of color. It simplifies the ad by making it less busy and all over the place while making the whole thing pop and catch your attention. The only thing I would change is to make the title ribbon smaller or bigger to get rid of the tangent line between the cookie and the bottom brown line. Overall it is a really bright, cute ad that catches your attention. Good Job.

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